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Hey I just joined this community and I am new to LJ.They call me jay but I was named Jasmine.I am 15 and I do absolutely nothing...

Today I cried because I couldn't help but think of you.I coundn't help but hat think of what happened and what you did to me.I cried for days and locked myself in the bathroom,watching the very substance that gives me life and runs through my veins run down the bathtub drain. Hearing the water run faintly as I sink into the cold water/I opened my eyes,watching that substance thin and float around me.Closing my eye I waited for it to end...then you saved me
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Seriously, that poem made me feel like i wasnt alone in feeling that way. i loved it.:)
thank you...I recently lost what is the only thing that kept me sane...so i just end up writing random crap and dont remember or even realize that its screwed up until someone comments on it...wow i made alot of typos when i was typing that poem