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i just joined, i hope thats allright. :)
here's a poem i wrote a while ago, but it's my favorite piece.


I walk in front of Sorrow. She follows as I go
On our way we pass Destiny, he's counting all his woes
Freedom fights with Tyranny, as Peace is kissed by War
Wonder dances with Knowledge, waltzing past Deceptions door

Innocence met Pain when Fate bumped into Harm
Hate watches with Silence, as Love falls to Broken's arms
I blankly stare at Fear as he tries to draw me in
He waits with Patience for me to start turning to him again

Dreaming controls Reality, or tries to half the time
She buys chains to lock him down, they only cost a dime
I gaze at Life with Contempt, when Depression entices me
Death grew wings so she could loom over all of us and weep.
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Hey great poem! Um I just would like to tell you that...well this community is sorta dead. =( if you would like to be in a community that people actually post too, and that people comment too...joing my other community xxnazi_haloxx. Its pretty much the same as this one...just better. Im the mod of that one as well. I would love to see you post in their.
thanks :)
hey you;ll def like it. its based on SORTA kinda your prefered music. but yea.