Please, call me A-Jew. (uoy_ykcul) wrote in uoy_kcuf,
Please, call me A-Jew.

screaming random somethings

I just want to SCREAM
and rip off my own head.
I don't think I can take it,
I just wish that I were dead.

I wish that I could tell you,
"starry silence sounds so cute"
but i fucking hate that sound,
so my comments probably moot.

If the all the worlds a stage
wheres the audience sit?
The world is just a fucking cage,
and we are all trapped in it.

If I slit my wrists,
and if I die?,
would you clench your fists?
would you even cry?

Tommorow is a world away,
yesterday is gone,
if i live one more day,
it'll be a mirical from god.

The pressure pushing against my heart,
is to horrible to bare,
i'll grab my heart, rip it apart,
and drench myself in blood.

can i be anymore fucked up?
I guess this is what I give.
i don't think it is possible,
cuz this is what you get.

wow. I feel totally better. I really purged my heart out into that.
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