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The pain of a thousand knives
Stabbed into my heart
Pouring my blood all over the floor
It happened again tonight
As I close my eyes
I can see your face
As I gulp hard
I can feel the heartache

I've never felt this before
Never have I given up
The deprivation of hope
I don't have the urge to go on

Every Feeling
Every Touch
Every Kiss
Every Smile in our eyes
Has been a lie

As I plummet to the floor
I can only think of you
As my tears pour from my eyes
I can only think I'm through
My heart's beating fast
I'm shaking uncontrollably
This pain is just to real

This empty feeling in the pit of my stomach
Can never be replaced
The emptiness in my heart
I'll never forget
The day you left

This will be the hardest thing i'll ever have to do
Don't think this was easy
You were absolutely everything
Never think once you weren't
You had my heart
I would have given you my life
To you
But I understand now
This is what I have to do

I'm Done
These are my final tears
My final words
My final breath

Farewell to you
Our future
Our Love
You've forgotten It
So have I.
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