3van3sc3nc3 (3van3sc3nc3) wrote in uoy_kcuf,

hey just wantd ur opinion on this song... be honest if it sux say so pleeze...

you just betrayed me
whn i was faithful to you
i thought this would never end
not after what we've been through
what did i do that pushed you away
and made you leave me?

i'm falling away now
further now into my mind
remembering you
the pain, the betrayal
your lies are killing me.

now i'm standing here about to leave
this will be m last night here
i look at the water and see your face
once so comforting
but now i can only see the lies and pain
this is the one place i could go to feel safe.


i watch as my tears fall into the darkness
my heart is damaged beyond repair
i have no life without you here
bu the life i had with you was fake
so tonight i will write my final goodbye
so everyone will know why i have died


you are killing me...
you just killed me...
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